Heartbreak hotel technical specifications.


Peter Sinclair, GH Hovagimyan & the GMEM provide the following:

The Structure:

A heart-shaped structure, approximate dimensions length 7.5m width 5m height 3m.

External shell: textile.

Internal structure: sheet rock, acoustic insulation, and textile.

Interface: Round table diam1.5m. with 6 figures.


Computer 1 Macintosh G4 450 mtz dual processor + protools soundcard, Digi 001.

Computer 2 Macintosh PPC 7100 + video capture card.

Camera video Canon.


We guarantee that we hold all the licenses for the software used in the installation.


The organiser provides the following:

The venue:

An interior space the volume of which is sufficient to allow a clear visual distinction between the structure and the walls of the venue. The floor must be level and clean.

Electrical current:

220v 60htz brought to the emplacement of the structure.


To light the structure externally, this is modifiable according to the venue.

Get-in / Get-out

Get-in time: 2 days

Get-out time: 1 day

In-house labour, min 2 persons during the first day of get in and for the get out.


I guardian permanently posted.


Global value of the installation $50 000.

Lodgings and meals

For 2 persons, throughout the get-in, get-out and presentation.


1 return trip departing from New York

1 return trip departing from (France)


12 m2 return trip departing from Marseille.



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Contact Information

In Europe:
Peter Sinclair

email : sinclair@aix.pacwan.net
vox : (0)4 91 51 27 97
cell : (0)6 15 13 16 01

In America:
G.H. Hovagimyan

email : gh@thing.net
vox : (1-212)219-1148