About Our Work


During the past four years of their collaboration Peter Sinclair & G.H. Hovagimyan have developed, often on the fly , software and hardware systems to use and abuse the sound capabilities of their collection of laptops using primarily the MAX (cycling 74) programming system.

For the evolutionary performance piece "Exercises In Talking", they adapted radio controlled vehicles  to carry the laptops onto the  stage. Providing amplification for the laptops synthesized voices through built-in trailer/horn-loudspeakers. The programs used such devices as - pitch tracking to sing along with Peter & GH, a mouse trailing behind the back axle to trigger sounds and vocal comments in relation to movement, speech recognition and color recognition to interact between themselves and with the performers.

"A soapopera for Laptops " Uses the native macintosh speech recognition and synthesized voices  to create a never-ending conversation between four computers who communicate (with each other and the public) vocally in an installation situation.