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First Pulse Projects
An Art/Science collaborative, combining elements of publishing, fine art production, and on-line discourse toward the end of establishing new interactive and practical links between art and science.
Links to collaborative Web sites that seek submissions.

David Bowie, ISP.

Picking the brains of popular culture.

Stories and photography from Pleine Peau

Crash Media
Looks at independent media around the world.

The Fat Channel
A unique, cross disciplinary architectural practice made up of architects, artists, graphic designers and film makers who collaborate on architecture and fine art projects.

Learning Stone
The Portland Sculpture Trust Workshops in the UK.

Hopes to serve as the ultimate source of information for online journal writers, readers, researchers and the media.

E-zine published by Leslie Harpold from a tiny cupboard in New York's Hell's Kitchen.

Owen Thomas collects quotations of the Digerati.

Umbrella Online
Selections from UMBRELLA -- the seminal publication about artists books, mail art and many other things edited and produced by founding editor, Judith A. Hoffberg.

Private art patronage scheme from Britain best known for commissioning Rachel Whiteread's "House" and funding Mathew Barney's films.

The National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH)
A broad coalition of arts, humanities and social science organizations formed to assure the fullest possible participation of the cultural sector in the new digitally networked environment.

Provides reliable information on the Zapatista uprising in Mexico.

Candy Factory
An independent gallery for contemporary art. This gallery was a small factory for making brown sugar candy. All works for sale. So we are pimps for ourselves like Electric prostitute.
Resources for expatriates and freedom seekers.

To promote inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society.

Here you will find films and videos that transgress the boundaries of the traditional viewing experience, challenge notions of physical perception and provide cutting edge alternatives to the media information technocracy.

Web Weavers Workshop
An extended project-based opportunity for a selected group of artists to develop completed web productions.

Art Nexus
Latin American art magazine.

Bob's Art
The Robert J. Shiffler Foundation art collection in Greenville, Ohio.

Company developed "Hand-drawn Spaces" software with choreographer Merce Cunningham to make original dance works for the computer screen.

Multi-author site with content ranging from indie news to rotating bananas.

Repository of paintings and sculpture. Hosts the homepage of Ronald Davis and other artists.

Other Minds
Site dedicated to new and unusual music in all its forms.

Band also known as The Kopyright Liberation Front with numerous other incarnations including 2K.

I-Cube System
Midi controller system for musicians, DJs, dancers and interactive artists.

The digital domain of Garnet Hertz.

90 North 11th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Absurd Org
Various projects. Some absurd, some not.

Univers City TV
Proposes to establish an advanced interface between artistic practice and industry.

Laurie Anderson's Meltdown
The Meltdown Festival in London from Ellipsis Publishing.

La Galerie de
( site from Peru.

Sudo Decoy
SUDO DECOY vient d'ouvrir ses portes. Le site de l'echangeur des reves et des interzones.

Red Asphalt Nomad
A group of CB radio hackers who cruise the streets of Texas, crashing the broadcast frequencies of TVs, radios and drive-through windows.

Dublin In Bits
An ever-growing gallery of photographs of Dublin, Ireland and the street life of its people. From Fergal Byrne.

An international, multi-media website and a bi-monthly production. It is a contemporary art conduit facilitating on-going dialogues that contribute to and support the contemporary arts.

Year Zero One
A Forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice through on-line art exhibitions and critical essays.

San Francisco group that look at ways to reach audiences who are hungry for honest and contemporary depictions of themselves, i.e. Lesbian/Gays, Generation X, people of color.

Newly re-designed Web site of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.

Fluxus Bulletin Board
Comprehensive source for information about Fluxus events and activities around the world.

A virtual studio devoted to web-specific artworks and projects. In French.

Arte en Red
Listings, in Spanish, of art resources on the Internet by Laura Baigorri.

Artists, Fine Arts and Poets online from Berlin, Germany. In English, German and French.

ArtNet Sweden
Information about galleries, artists and all other parts of the Swedish artscene.

Universes in Universe
An extensive and well-structured information system on the arts of Africa, Asia and Latin America and the art exchange with these world's regions. In English, German and Spanish.

Builds software to support real-time, community-based interaction fully embedded in the World Wide Web. Pavel Curtis, founder and chief administrator of LambdaMOO, is a principal architect for the company.

Noise Laboratories
Providing creative decoding schemes for information from our environment that is normally classified as noise.

Created by the New York alternative space PS 122 by Calvin Reid and Kate Culkin.

HIP '97
Hacking In Progress, a hacker festival in the Netherlands, August 8, 9 and 10, 1997, at campsite Kotterbos, Aakweg, Almere.

Intelligence Online
Sample of a fortnightly publication reporting on world intelligence trends, services and operations.

The art of copyright infringement.
( is now providing services for new top level domains that you can create on demand. No more .com, make your company name your internet name.

Feral Arts Collective
A collective as a multiple, mobile arrangement of artists. Not much here yet but the Journal is dated 1997.

High-tech production company nestled in a green vale deep in the heart of Berkshire County where the well-connected have always mixed with the avant garde.

Well-done art site with a project by Lawrence Weiner, an arts directory and links.

A visual arts facility that recognises the partial incompatibility and imbalance in the relationship between contemporary artists and the exhibition mainstream.

The worldwide store for compact discs of avant garde music.

Zone Photographic Gallery
The premier photography gallery in the northern region of England and the most significant focus for photography and digital media exhibitions and critical debate.

Artists For a Better Image is a non-profit artist advocacy organization whose purpose is to promote the process of being an artist (rather than the products we make).

On-line network for Toronto artists, galleries and art related businesses. The "Year Zero One Forum" has news, views and reviews.

Online conference for experimental media.

A metasite where digital creativity can be discussed, described, displayed and developed. By Owen Kelly and Eva Wojdat.

Reporters Sans Frontieres
"Reporters Without Borders" is dedicated to freedom of the press and brings you copies of banned newspapers. In French, English and Spanish.

Construct's artspace, a collection of idiosyncratic galleries nestled in a VRML space. They've given artists free rein over exhibition place by concocting an interface that invites the artists to shape their own galleries. Registration and a VRML capable browser required.

Z Productions
A company that encourages works that are on the edge between hardcore contemporary art, mainstream TV and second zone cabaret, among others.

Swedish hackers.

Performance Index
Statements and records of more than 80 performance artists and theoricians.

We believe in intimacy, individuality, co-operation, communication, eroticism, asceticism, orgasm, concept, pleasure, media, fantasies, nuts, researching, philosophy, high technology and angels. We do not believe in tourism and the end.

Neue Slowenische Kunst
The main NSK groups are: Laibach, Irwin, Noordung, New Collectivism Studio and the Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy.

Text Machines Text
Formerly Seven by Nine Squares but now desolved. Various hi-quality content.

Kunstradio On Line-1
Original works for radio by artists, musicians, writers ... anybody. Mostly in German.

Offers services to innovative artists and producers who use media technology in New York City.

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power = a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis. (New York Chapter web site.)

Center for Resourceful Building Technology
Educates the public on issues relating to housing and the environment, with emphasis on innovative building materials and technologies which place less stress on regional and global ecosystems. (Ideas can also apply to the Internet).

Middle of Nowhere Web
Broad and deep information for students of all ages, a project with paradoxical goals by Brad Cox. Over 200 mb of searchable data ranging from university course material to Web development tools.

Drawing oN Air (dn/a) links trends in art and exhibitions toward open, participatory systems to the evolving architecture of the Internet.

Stroom Center for the Visual Arts
From the Netherlands. Stroom commissioned artist/curator Jouke Kleerebezem to conceive a project that could serve as the starting point for a discussion on the WWW as public space and its possible importance as an artistic medium.

Guerrilla Girls
Concience of the art world. And funny, too.

The Colony-Art
A creative center for the arts in Buford, Georgia since 1984.

scanner - spore - 1995 - new electronica - elec 18cd

Europe Online: Visual Arts
Visual arts section of Europe Online Web site include a bulletin board, the WebMuseum and an art market database.

Iconomics Online
Design-quality graphics via modem, email, ftp or diskette. Iconomics light-speed digital exchange gives you access to 25 different illustrators and thousands of stock images.

KUNSTcoop Art-War+Peace Sculpture Plan
It should become a heterogenous virtual sculpture which we will transfer to real spaces in the involved participantęs cities.

8 independant photographers present their works bimonthly around a common theme. In French and English.

An electronic journal of fine art published by Guy Russell Graphics. Current exhibit: "Letter from Chiapas" by Danny Lyon.

Le Projet Collage
A contributing and in-progress project about territories invested by sound, it works in a rhizomatic manner and may appear under different forms each time. Information only:
Hosts the Situationist International archive, now searchable!

Construct has its roots firmly planted in the kind of open, collaborative development that characterizes the Internet. Lots of info on VRML and other tools and very good design.

Official Monty Python web site.

Digital net-action-entertainment for the travelling generation.

WAM: Web Architecture Magazine
An international interactive medium of knowledge, opinion and information. It appears bimonthly and is aimed at architects, students and documentalists. It allows for a collective research carried out through the capacities of INTERNET. Spanish and English.

The latest in the upsurge of activity on the Southbank, London, providing a stimulating environment for exploration and expression on the Internet.

Information about glass etching and design.

Troika Ranch
A performance group based in New York City that makes extensive use of interactive media in their live performances.

Perfect Strangers
Australia's Youth Arts & Culture Site. Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

The world's definitive source for art market information. Includes a subscription service offering powerful tools for research and analysis of artworks and the art market as well as a web site with gallery home pages, art fair information and ArtNet magazine.

ArtNet and artnetweb are not the same company even though we have similar names. We do share the goal of bringing you the best resources possible and hope to compliment each other with our individual points of view.

dotCom Gallery
A website devoted to technology-based art. The site features world renowned artists from many disciplines from video, fractal animation, to kinetic scuplture and holography.

Artes Magnus
Artes Magnus publishes limited editions for the table by outstanding contemporary artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, George Segal, Cindy Sherman and Meyer Vaisman.

The Intercafe in Bath, England, hosting site for Digital Chaos Conference May 30 - June 2, 1996.

Ellipsis Publishing
Architecture, Simon Biggs, John Chris Jones and the Mekons.

Art Topos
The first Greek professional Fine Arts publication in INTERNET, using text, images, sound, animation and video. It is published both in Greek and English.

Magic Media Site
From Belgium. Lots here, including a demo of the Third Biennale de Lyon CD-ROM and Quicktime VR movies.

Double Vision
Web gallery for Second Look Computing, part of the Weeg Computing Center, the University of Iowa's center for academic computing.

European Art Forum
First Conference of the European Art Forum, Salzburg, May 23 to 25, 1996

Osaka Triennale 1996
International comtemporary art competition. In English and Japanese.
This site has been optimized for viewers with an understanding of the existential works of Kierkegaard.

SITO is a collection of images and information accessible mainly via INTERNET that is open for public perusal and participation.

TradeNet Arts Listings
Extensive listings of links in Arts, Society and Culture. From Italy.

Bookmarks | TOP 100 | Medium
Great hotlist. Be sure to check out the rest of this site.

The paint company.

Atelier Nord
A workshop for electronic art and printmaking sited in Oslo, Norway.

Liquid Information Environment
It's where you don't learn to use "the computer" you learn to use tools that happen to live in the medium of the computer.

Non-profit venue established to bring together artists and technicians working in digital media. From Iceland and very nicely done.

Virtual Gallery of Austrian Artists
In English and German.

Deer Creek Pottery
Custom tiles including original designs used by Julia Morgan at Hearst Castle.

Spain Art
Spanish and Latin American artists. In English and Spanish.

Index Stock Photography
Specializing in high quality, model released, contemporary pictures.

Kamers is what you call a multi-org-site. From Belgium in English.

Pedro Meyer site dedicated to photography and its journey from the analog to digital world.

Next Five Minutes: Tactical Media
Conference and exhibition that took place in Amsterdam's Balie and Paradiso and in Rotterdam's V2_Organisation during January 1996.

Telefonica Art and Technology Foundation
From Madrid. Host for 5CYBERCONF, the Fifth International Conference on Cyberspace, June 6 - 9, 1996. In English and Castellano

International Sculpture Center
Sculpture Magazine, Maquette, resources and conference listings.

Kulture in Wuppertal, Germany
Home of the Tanztheater Wuppertal of Pina Bausch. In German.

A laboratory for artistic oriented projects that concentrate on network and electronic information systems. In collaboration with the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.

White River Foundry
A full service sculpture casting foundry serving artists nationwide, established by sculptors for sculptors.

La Rafale!
La gazette de l'idiot du village (global). Counter- and sub-culture, politics, agit prop, rap music, surrealism, situationnist, parisian bars. In French.

For over 250 years offering art at auction.

Café Los Negroes
New York's Black and Latino on-line for poetry, art and music.

Dancing On A Line
Features writing, information and photography about new dance from around the world.

Art E-boulevard
Artists from the Netherlands.

Critical Art Ensemble
A collective of six artists of various specializations dedicated to exploring the intersections between art, technology, radical politics, and critical theory.

Art Technology Group
Founded in 1991 with the mission of creating defining products and services for the information society. We work with clients and partners to conceptualize, design, and develop the services and technologies that are required to achieve these goals.

Wildhack Internet Consulting
Beautiful site. Great Jumplist to Internet resources.

Cowboy Chic Artists and Antique Dealers
A collective group of artists, craftsmen, and Western antique dealers dedicated to keeping the spirit of the American Cowboy alive through art, crafts, and/or collectibles they offer for sale.

Corbis Corporation
Corbis Corporation was founded in 1989 by Bill Gates with the mission of becoming the premier provider of high-quality digital content.

A gallery site which features 500X gallery in Dallas, TX, an alternative space exclusivly by artist for the past seventeen years.

NTT InterCommunication '95
Works from artists around the world, available globally via WWW communication protocols, and locally in three venues equipped with terminals for Netscape, VRML and HotJava access. From Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Japan.

Mobius Artists Group
Since 1977, the 20-member group has been known for incorporating a wide range of the visual, performing and media arts into innovative live performance, sound, video and installation works.

The first web site invested in cultural production, FAVELA! utilizes state of the art technology with a conceptual edge. An interactive learning tool, a means of dissemination of censured information, a spectacle for the eye working with the mind, the FAVELA! is a modern agora. Hit Me.

ISDM 2.0
ISDM is increasingly evolving into an interactive, non-commercial platform for the arts on the net. From Belgium.

Tirades and rants, usually having to do with net hype, updated every weekday with appropriate links. One of the best sites on the web.

City Arts
Web site for the acclaimed WNET series on what's happening on the cultural scene of New York City.

New York New Media Association
NYNMA is a member-supported organization committed to stimulating and supporting the development of the new media industry (whatever *that* is) in the greater New York City area.

Excellent personal site with inventive use of HTML and fed with a steady diet of Curve's Pubic Fruit.

Emigre, Inc.
A digital type foundry, publisher and distributor of graphic design related software and printed materials based in Northern California.

Film Forum
Film Forum is a nonprofit 3-screen cinema, open 365 days of the year, located in the SoHo district of lower Manhattan. Schedules and other information available on this site.

The largest companies in the world are building cyberspaces: poets are building cyberspaces. Suddenly, everything's going spatial. Welcome to World 3, a space devoted to exploring the nature of internetworked hypermedia design.

SimTV's goal is to put on a fully interactive TV happening whereby the viewers are, at the same time, the broadcasters. Our goal is nothing less than to create a People's TV that's produced and viewed by the people.

Cybergrrl Webstation
A new design and new resources can be found at the popular Cybergrrl Web pages including more online resources for women, an eclectic and helpful collection of cool-links, and the one and only Cybergrrl!

Survival Research Laboratories
Survival Research Laboratories was conceived of and founded by Mark Pauline in November 1978. Since its inception SRL has operated as an organization of creative technicians dedicated to re-directing the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations in practicality, product or warfare.

NuWeb, NY Museum
This sub-division of our existing Web site NuWeb, NY (URL: will house for a period of six months, a variety of different Graphics Designs and Artistic works that New York artists may want to voluntarily show to the large Cyberspace audience.

V2 Organisatie
We have posted the Lecture Notes from the Conference on Architecture and Media - Interfacing Realities, held on August 13th. They include introductions from Bart Lootsma, Manuel De Landa, NOX, Greg Lynn, and Christian Möller. In English and Dutch.

Experimental Russian-language magazine covering today's alternative cultural scene. Cyrillic fonts are required for successful reading and can be downloaded from the site.

Magellan, McKinley's Online Directory
An on-line directory of described, rated and reviewed Internet resources and other key facts instantly accessible to users as they scan the results of their search in The McKinley.

Art Planet
By searching Art Planet, you will discover Artists, Auction Houses, Galleries, Libraries, Museums, Exhibitions, Publishers, and other Fine Art Services.

ASCI - Art and Science Collaborations, Inc.
ASCI is a members non-profit organization based in New York City, whose mission is to champion interactive kinetic and technology based art and to encourage callaboration between the art and science communities.

Casa Rovira Hostal
CASA ROVIRA hosts a painting course every May, open to all members of the public. The course is led by Terry Nilssen Love, an art lecturer from Stavanger in Norway.

ArtMetal Project
The ArtMetal Project is a not-for-profit volunteer venture of a group of metalsmiths and organizations which aims to disseminate information about various aspects of artistic metalworking and to provide a forum for artists and art lovers to experience this outstanding medium.

The Seven By Nine Squares
Monty Cantsin, Neoism and the Pierre Menard library.

All issues of the anonymous, Iowa-based Art Strike newsletter.

AACME Image©
We are an arts organization that no longer thinks of themselves as 'individual' artists. We feel that the creation of ego based works of art no longer is what is needed. This approach only leads to disillusionment of the so called individual.

Philip Johnson Gallery
The artists we carry, are those who have yet to break into this mainstream. This means that their artwork is incredibly affordable, offering enormous opportunity to corporations and collectors who are looking for emerging artists.

Scope Online Art Gallery
Inaugural show is BEAUTY/DEATH, 1 Min Art Lesson - anthropologist Tobias Schneebaum, Guest artists Dottie Attie and Mary Jo Vath. Next show is September 1st - ROCOCO CARTOON.

Artnet Australia
Artnet Australia was set up by a group of Australian artists and gallery owners to market and sell original artwork to the world.

Welcome to interARTisrael coming to you from Jerusalem. This site, dedicated to contemporary Israeli and international art, is the first virtual art gallery in Israel and the Near East.

Urban Desires
"An Interactive Magazine of Metropolitan Passions," edited by Kyle Shannon.

Site not suitable for children. Could be useful for artist research.
Personal Security Products, Anti-crime T-Shirts, Bernardo - Holmolka Sex Crimes, Terrorism, Self Defense, Serial Killers, Stun Guns, Electronic Surveillance Products, Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms, Assault Prevention, Atomic Bomb Info, and more.......

Flightless Hummingbird: A Pseudo-periodical
Art, Paranoia, Eschatology, Fashion Tips from ~rmutt.

Image Africa - Virtual "South African Arts" Gallery
Image Africa represents contemporary South African art of all disciplines.

A site in the Netherlands, in Dutch.
bART is een organisatie die internet-toegang verschaft aan iedereen. bART is nadrukkelijk NIET alleen bedoeld voor techneuten, maar ook voor mensen die niet 24 uur per dag met een computer in de weer zijn.

While you are here, you'll find lots of fun, colorful and useful things to see and do.

AAA Gallery
AAA gallery is an art gallery organising art exhibitions on the World Wide Web (WWW) of the interrnet. Each exhibition features 10 promising artists of different backgrounds and styles and lasts 3 months. During the last week of the internet exhibition a regular exhibition is held at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In English and Dutch.

Dedicated to the development of electronic culture, Blank, are holding the world's first 24 hour Internet art gallery in a conventional gallery setting. Our aim is to broaden perceptions of Artspace and Cyberspace.

Founded in 1975, Fotofolio is the largest and most prestigious independent publisher and distributor in the United States of fine art and photographic postcards and t-shirts. Fotofolio published works are renowned for their innovative choice of imagery and superior reproduction quality.

A curated environment and gallery of art, literature, poetry, and criticism that also features a conference area, journals and artists' visual and RealAudio projects.

ASCI - Art and Science Collaborations, Inc.
Co-sponsor of the Digital Site/ASCI Bi-coastal Art Exhibit to be held from Aug 6 - Sept 2 in collaboration with @Cafe of New York and SIGGRAPH '95 in Los Angeles.

Dialect is a group of artists interested in how to use new electronic and communications technologies to reach new audiences.

Arc Interactive Media Festival
Arc makes a pilgrimage, once a year, to Los Angeles. We assemble a gallery of interactive art and projects that best represents interactive media in its most advanced and newest forms.

The goal of the Artist-in-Residence program is to provide artists with a working space on the internet. Through this program, we hope to foster and encourage the development of the visual arts--particularly with new technologies.

From the folks at Necro Enema Amalgamated. Advocates complete polysexuality with a refreshingly bad attitude. Heavy on graphics.

An online version of the printed magazine available in hypertext or Adobe Acrobat format. Every month a selection of exhibitions in museums around the world with a calendar of daily art information. Somewhat difficult to find your way around but full of exhibition information when you find it. In English and Spanish.

YORB is a 3-D neighborhood that is broadcast live every week over Manhattan Cable TV. Up to 4 phone callers and 50 computer callers can play games, navigate through the 3-D neighborhood, and talk with other callers in real time. Viewers can also upload graphics , sound files, and digital video to different locations in the world.

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation provides fellowships for advanced professionals in all fields (natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, creative arts) except the performing arts. Fellowships are not available for students.

Floating Point Unit
The Floating Point Unit group is involved in the staging of media-saturated installation/performances replete with the gratuitous use of high/low tech electronics,people, animals, and a large quantity of polyethylene plastic.

Art site with exhibitions, galleries and articles

DeathNET is the result of hundreds of hours of volunteer work, gathering together a wide range of materials related to the legal, moral, medical, historical and cultural aspects of human mortality. Most of these materials are not readily available from any other source on or off the Internet.

Copy Right Cafe
The copyright cafe is an interactive gallery and arts project,by artist for artist, all are welcome to hang out,talk-shop, grab a latte, and "take" media, (images,sounds,video,text,etc.)

Public Domain, Inc.
Public Domain, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose stated mission is to explore the interface between art, technology, and theory. Including the quaraterly journal/media kit "Perforations."

Biomedical Visualization
Biomedical Visualization is a client-oriented profession that maintains its ties to medical illustration and incorporates other aspects of visual communication for the health sciences. Biomedical Visualization combines visual problem-solving skills with a knowledge of science, education, communication and media know-how.

The Estate Project for Artists with AIDS
The Estate Project has evolved into an initiative with a unique purpose: to encourage artists with HIV/AIDS (and other life-threatening diseases) to continue their creative output for as long as possible and to make the necessary legal provisions that will protect their work from being compromised following their deaths. The premise of the Estate Project is that planning their estates is an act by these artists of self-respect and self-empowerment in the face of death, not a capitulation to death. In this way, the Estate Project helps ensure that as much as possible of the art being created by people with HIV/AIDS survives.

The Blue Dot
Exhibitions on the site of web design firm Razorfish.

>Projects by Jenny Holzer, Julia Scher, Toland Grinnel, Ben Kinmont and others.

Virtual Gallery in Korea
Photo exhibition of Lim Seok-Je (who had the first photo exhibition ever in Korea) is going on at Virtual Gallery of Daum Communications. We also have another exhibition of Park Keon-hi, and the phot exhibition of Koo Bon Chang will be opened nexte week. We are NOT a commercial gallery or whatsoever. We are providing these kinds of exhibitions to give opportuinities to the ones who cannot see nice art works because of time-space constraints.

Museum of Bad Art
The pieces in the MOBA collection range from the work of talented artists that have gone awry, to works of exuberant, although crude, execution by artists barely in control of the brush. What they all have in common is a special quality that sets them apart in one way or another from the merely incompetent.

Unit Circle
Here's the scoop on the Unit Circle. It's not especially an electronic magazine, although it is distributed in that form. It is also distributed in a paper form. The electronic version is free, and the paper one costs dough.

Virtual Reef Gallery
Virtual Reef Gallery is a place in Cyberspace, where you can look at some exciting new art without leaving your armchair (or whatever kind of chair you use when you are in front of your computer).

Elektra is the first dynamic online publication at Harvard. Elektra is run by Digitas over the World Wide Web. In addition to articles, Elektra also contains artwork (still images, animation, and sound).

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts
New York art dealer specializing in unique works on paper by over forty exciting, young American artists working in a wide variety of styles.

ArtsUSA, a project of the American Council for the Arts, will bring to the Internet community a wealth of articles, news and primary documents related to American arts and culture. This information is provided through the generous tax deductible contributions given by sponsors to the National Arts Policy Clearinghouse, an ACA program of long-standing that has helped researchers and authors write about the arts.

As an online publication, basilisk is a response to the wide bandwidth, dialogic nature that we feel the internet has finally achieved. We will be releasing updates every few weeks, with full revisions every three or four months. Our content includes essays and projects addressing architecture, urban studies, philosophy, cinema, theory, cultural criticism, literature, the medical practices, music and the arts. We are accessible around the world on the internet using World Wide Web browsers, preferably Netscape.

Virtual Worlds Artist's Mailing List
Home page and archive for a mailing list for theorizing about the artistic possibilities of virtual reality.

The Thing
THE THING is an international art and communication bulletin board service with nodes in New York City and Europe. The Thing was initiated in 1991 as an experiment in communication by Wolfgang Staehle, with the intent of creating an alternative to the traditional channels of art informational exchange and dissemination.

New Art Examiner On-Line
The New Art Examiner is a nationally distributed, monthly visual arts periodical which has, since its founding in Chicago in 1973, established itself as one of the liveliest and most informative critical journals in the United States.

Art Bin
A magazine for art, literature, music, cultural politics etc. - but in database form, so there are no issues, only a structured heap of articles, documents, pictures and so on. There is, however, a page called What's new, where you can find recent uploads. From Sweden with articles in various languages.

Mike Garibaldi formed Scultura in 1991 to bring sculpture out of museums and galleries and into open and public spaces for everyone to enjoy and interpret. Garibaldi is quickly gaining renown among his peers and the community at large for his artistic talent and creative vision.

Public Art '95
Public Art 95 is a first biennial project for the dissemination of information to a broad audience about the realities of public art and its prospects for affecting our everyday lives.

The US National Endowment for the Humanities homepage, a guide to information on specific programs, grant application guidelines, deadlines and more.

Chiat Day Idea Factory
Here's an opportunity to tour the Virtual Office, see how the art of persuasion is being affected by Emerging Media, check out our unique Architecture, join us for an on-line Focus Group or visit the Art Gallery for a cultural buzz.

From the Netherlands. Looks best with browsers that support tables.

ArtFBI is a non-profit artist advocacy organization whose purpose is to promote the process of being an artist (rather than the products we make). We do this through a number of programs and activities.

Visual Resources Association
The Visual Resources Association is a non-profit organization established to further research and education in the field of visual resources and to promote a spirit of cooperation among the members of the profession.

NWHQ is an original publication of Knossopolis. This space has been designed and created specifically for WorldWide Web; no other versions exist. NWHQ is a publication devoted to free expression and the distribution of artistic ideas. We are independent artists and we support independent artists.

Christus Rex
CHRISTUS REX is a a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information on works of art preserved in churches, cathedrals and monasteries all over the world. We intend to assemble a collection of images that will constitute a visual representation of the Bible, ad maiorem gloriam Dei! (for the greater glory of God!)

Photo Electronic Imaging Magazine
For three years, PHOTO>Electronic Imaging has been dedicated to digital education -- bringing readers in-depth articles on new imaging trends and technologies. Now, PHOTO>Electronic Imaging continues that tradition, by offering its tutorials and articles online.

Paris Pages
Exhibitions and travel information about Paris

Alternative-X is a continuing barrage of Avant-Pop fiction, Internet columns, interviews, manifestos, post-PoMo essays and lots more!

New York Foundation for the Arts
The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is a nonprofit arts service organization, one of the largest providers of grants and services to individual artists and their organizations in all artistic disciplines in the United States. Through its fellowshi ps, residencies, sponsored projects, management services, loans, information and advocacy services, the Foundation works with artists and arts organizations throughout New York State and other parts of the country to bring the work of contemporary artists to the public.

A world wide online art gallery and museum with a constant update of new work run by and for artists. Nice looking but heavy on unnecessary graphics.

There is nothing like personal, hands-on experience to make things easier to understand. The SiemensForum is based on this very principle: Nearly all the exhibits you will encounter on your tour of electrical engineering, electronics, and microelectronics in the past and present invite direct participation and experimentation.

American Arts Alliance
The mission of the American Arts Alliance is to be the principal advocate for America's professional nonprofit arts organizations and their publics in representing arts interests and advancing arts support before Congress and other branches of the Federal government. To achieve this mission, the Alliance will inform legislators and policy makers of the vital role of the arts in American society, and advocate the development of national policies which recognize, enhance and foster the contributions that the arts make to America.

South by Southwest Multimedia Festival
South by Southwest will expand on last year's Multimedia track of the SXSW Film and Media Conference and present the only Multimedia Festival in Austin, a city that is quickly emerging as the multimedia capital of the United States. Scheduled for March 14-16, 1995, the Festival will bring together multimedia professionals and enthusiasts from the Southwest and around the world.

Cyanosis was born in the early 90's. A strictly not4profit subset of the noncommercial System Zero organization, it was one person's answer to the governmental, materialistic and bureaucratic pogrom against free expression whose ideology was pumped up by maggots like Jesse Helms in the late 80's and early 90's. As advertising, conservative materialistic and right-wing politico-religious consortiums grew in power and sprayed their poisonous, psyche-wrecking musk through the public corridors of law, academia and `morality', many artists felt the threat of fascistic mitigation of their expression growing geometrically.

Behind our Web page, a lively community of cultural industry professionals live in over 20 "conferences". It is @rtsnet!'s aim to encourage cross disciplinary interactions and increase the effectiveness and profile of Australia's cultural industries.

Very well-done site from the Voyager Company. Includes selections from The Paris Review and sound bites from Laurie Anderson.

Digital Collections, Inc.
Digital Collections, Inc. develops and markets database software that integrates images and text for the management of visual archives and physical collections. DCI also develops, publishes, and markets ImageBase and multimedia titles. Free image access database demo software for Mac and Windows plus samples from their cd's. They did the Frick collection.

Internet Course '95
This course originated as a course prepared for a group of some ninety faculty, staff, and students at Oberlin College from January 9, 1995 thru January 25, 1995.

Oversized Color Image Project
Pilot project to digitize oversized color maps from Columbia University

Miscellaneous art info from the University of Kentucky. The Whitney Museum has listings here.

FineArt Forum
The best source of information about art online.

Cardiff Film Archives
One of the biggest and best.

Saskia, Ltd.
High quality slides and digital images to educational institutions throughout the world. Their photography covers art throughout the world, with special emphasis on images of western art from major European museums.

Oneida Indian Nation of New York
Their political state predates the U.S. Constitution.

An electronic database project for Native American information.

Marius Watz Gallery
Home to Cybermind, an electronic forum for the discussion of the philosophical and phychological implications of subjectivity in cyberspace run by ArtNet's own omnipresent online presence Alan Sondheim.

NEXUS supports exploratory projects by artists, theorists, and researchers in avante-garde and leading edge developments in the use of telecommunications as both content and medium of creativity.

Operative Term Is Stimulation. Online gallery and collaboration experiment.

An experimental Web Server running at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center including a Map Viewer and U.S. Geographic Name Server.

Postmodern Culture
Current and back issues of online journal published by North Carolina State University, Oxford University Press and the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities.

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