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Postmodern Text Generator
Keep reloading and you could have a PhD disertation.

An evolving project by David Bizovicar investigating the semantic structure of language. The idea is to build a network of objects - WATCHERS - around the world which would communicate among themselves.

The Shredder
A web-toy from Mark Napier and that rearranges existing Web sites.

Project by Jordan Crandall

over there
Diane Caney's creative, professional and academic identity.

Architectural researcher.

Best viewed while listening to "Kashmir" by Led Zepplelin on a cheap radio.

Art Station
An art site by Iris & Ami Ben David that provokes questions about the influence of the Internet on art and art exhibition.

Eastern European artists discover America -- sort of.

A communication module which filters and reorganizes information for masses.

Goldschmidt's Miscellany
Project by Alun Ward based around the life and work of a nineteenth century painter and astronomer in Paris.

Please Wait
Steve Mann doesn't talk to strangers.

Two volunteers are kidnapped for 24 hours by the Blast Theory theatre group on 7/15/98.

Web Hunter
On-line adventure with Web Hunter and Donna Matrix.

Digital Landfill
A place to dispose of unwanted digital debris from Mark Napier and

BELA 0.2
Jaka Zeleznikar

Postmodernism Generator
Meaningless essay produced by Andrew C. Bulhak, using the Dada Engine, a system for generating random text from recursive grammars.

Human Resource Mismanagement
Rachel Baker goes to work.

Modern Living
H.Hoogerbrugge presents on a regular basis his daily struggle for existence

Up to 625
Matt Mullican Web piece originally on the Documenta X site.

Beyond Interface
On-line exhibition of art on the net and organized by Steve Dietz for the Museums and the Web Conference '98 Conference.

Ellen: Architect of Change
Autobiography of Ellen Pronk from Rotterdam.

A Handshake in Thought
The life and letters of Vincent van Gogh.

P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art
Ljubljana's newest museum and one of the nation's largest facilities devoted to the art of our time, the PMCA offers exhibitions of the most thought-provoking art.

Opening of the Mouth
Documentation of a collaborative installation between composer Richard Barrett, installation artist Crow and the Elision Ensemble of Australia drawing on the poetry of Paul Celan and ancient Egyptian ritual.

Stick Figure Death Theatre
Noir gif animations by Matt Calvert.
Adversarial collaborations between Janet Cohen, Keith Frank and Jon Ippolito.

A Humument Home Page
The work of Tom Phillips, creater of "A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel"

Active resistance to the oppression of time by Cary Peppermint.

Homepage of Estonian artist Nelli Rohtvee.

Net.poetry from Krumm.

The World Wide Body
A project by Miriam Steinhauser in Switzerland. Protected by etoy.

Split Personality
( by Nickie Strawberry.

Michael Tracy, aka TRACY 168, is a major founder of the 'graffiti art movement'.

Personal Network Computer
From Cybordelics, a system molding the best elements of a graphical user interface with the best of the old style command line.

Body Parts
Body-Art project from Laurens van Rens, who tries to get more grip on the profits of his own body and the skills he has got in relation with the Net.

Self-Rescue Mechanism
IRC collaboration between Jim Dingilian in New York and Alan Phelan in Dublin in preparation for an exhibition at the Arthouse, Dublin from February 20th to March 20th 1998.

A digital reconstruction of the Athenian Acropolis from The Digital Museum of Reconstructions.

Monster Constructor
Construct a javascript face with the help of Hot Schmitt.

Allan McCollum
Selected texts, etc.

Web Stalker
Software for reading and manipulating information on the Web. From I/O/D.
Carl Steadman remembers Diana in his own special way.

War html-ing, guerrilla javascript-ing & beyond from PEET.

The Undercover Girl
Become a spy on the TUGWEB.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel
You spent a year there one night long ago.

The Cut-Up Machine
William S. Burrough's writing technique made available by Big Table Media.

The Web BBS with an attitude problem. By Beth Carey.

Barbie and Ken are HIV-positive
Austrian artist Franz Wassermann directly collaborates with HIV positive tested people and AIDS patients who supplied him with 2400 objects they use in their daily lives (pens, lighters, money etc.).

Spontaneous online exhibition organized by Alexei Shulgin.

Map of Web sites by for Documenta X.

Lumonics Light and Sound
What transpired in a parking lot in 1969 was nothing short of magic. Mel was struck by a beam of light that was a reflection from a jet airplane flying overhead; suddenly he was seeing himself on both sides of the parking lot simultaneously.

Airport '97
The strange nature to be found at New York's JFK International Airport by Margaret Mittelbach and Michael Crewdson.

Ascii Pictures by Allen Mullen
Cartoons and paintings reproduced with ascii text and html tags

Most Luminous Star
One of the intrinsically brightest stars in our galaxy appears as the bright white dot in the center of this image taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

Physical Computing
Project to extend the human computer interface beyond point and click by Terry Towery.

14.4 or less recommended.

Network Art Theater from Japan. The Dream Pot is HOT!

Digital affects. From the school of Jodi.

Dispatches from China from Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Film and Video, The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Michael Samyn, Belgium.

Online version of the World History Chart by Andreas Nothiger.

Mailing list dedicated to the exchange and improvement of things.

Texts & Contexts
Cultivate your garden.

My Boyfriend Came Back From The War
Web work by Olia Lialina. [interview] (9/7/97)

Justin's Homepage (
If you don't have a life borrow one from Justin Hall. (8.12.97)

Face Settings
A project by Eva Wohlgemuth and Kathy Rae Huffman connecting local groups of European women for dialogue and exchange. (8.3.97)

Stop Making Sense
Random phrase generator by Mario Hergueta. (8.3.97)

Experimental, word-based, film-related project using "neural-like" network controls. (8.3.97)

Entertaining dysfunctional site by Ben Benjamin. (7.30.97)

No Memory
Created for the Valéry Grancher exhibition at CAPC Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux (galerie pour la vie) called "Obsessions," March 28, 1997 to March 28, 1998. (7.20.97)

Tree Circus
The work of Axel Erlandson, an artist who used living trees as his medium. (7.20.97)

Form Art Competition
Competition to explore creative uses of HTML forms from Alexei Shulgin.

A "public domain narrative environment" developed by virtual artist Mark Amerika. You may now chose to enter the over 1,000 text spaces through a high or low bandwidth version.

Three Times Removed
A family story by Peter Horvath.

Black Babble-On
A glimpse at the outsized ego of designer Roger Black.

Multimedia performances by Marc Joseph Sigaud and Catherine Zittoun. In French with some English translation.

Soap Server
An on-line database that contains a stripped down version of a single episode of a soap opera. Visitors are invited to add their own dialogue and/or read what previous 'soap-surfers' have written.

A group of artists in Japan who sample and dub esthetic judgement like Dub-music.

Ground Control
An ongoing communication between artists in Britain and Lithuania linked through contemporary art exhibitions in London and Vilnius, a book and a web site.

Truth Is A Moving Target
A piece by Erwin Redl. "...a first attempt to work with text material I collected for the last two years. These texts, which I simply labeled 'sentences', are thoughts I wanted to record - being afraid that I can not remember them later."

The art is pour l'art, the politics without manifesto. Art and politics clash, pass in the night, interpenetrate, leave no peace. Beauty is not only difficult, it's downright problematic. Like graffiti on brownstone: blight and beauty, beauty and blight... but dancing!

A collection of digital messages, futuristic prophecies and dystopian rants as a part of the Razorfish Subnetwork (RSUB)

Al Hansen
Web site about the late Fluxus artist (and Beck's grandpa).

Random Collage Generator
Art machine by Peter Baldes.

Postcards from Hell
Graphic artist whose work is influence by his HIV positive status and would appreciate feedback.

Three genauts, specialists in the field of harvesting fluids, set out in their gardening ship GREEN FIELDS to set up travelogue protocols and find raw state organics.

Web site of artist Ben Vautier. In French.

Small Appliances
An interactive video installation about the story of the role of technology in women's lives. By Kevin and Jennifer McCoy.

Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis
Scientific evidence that the Bible prophesies events that occurred thousands of years after it was written.

Thirty works by a Canadian photographer reknowned for his celebration of Gay culture. Showing at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television UK until May 97.

Simulation of a Black Hole by Raytracing
A Newtonian simulation compared to an Einsteinian one by Werner Benger.

Rosendale Odyssey
Photographs and stories by children at Rosendale Infants School, South London.

Downloadables are applet multiples, they will create, with your co-operation, variations on works by various contemporary artists. By Robert Myers.

Body Missing
Internet version now in the prototype stage, is an extension of a work by Vera Frenkel first installed at the Offenes Kulturhaus Linz, Austria, and continues her inquiry into the Kunstraub (art theft) policy of the Third Reich and the fate of the artworks missing after World War II.

Savannah College of Art and Design
Information from the public record about the Savannah College of Art and Design that tells quite a story. Compiled by former student Rick Fisher.

Comprehensive and easily navigated reference directory for locating live video cameras on the Internet.

1996 Exactly Almost
An artist's notebook of sorts by David Glenn Rinehart.

Zippy Meets Meta-HTML
Tired of the same old content at those same old web sites. The Meta-HTML Active Filter freshens up any Web page!

The european laboratory for network collision was founded in 1996, located in squated identities on the border of plagarism and theft.

This Is The Place
Installation/performance piece by Cary Peppermint.

A collaborative Web site by Peter Horvath and Sharon Matarazzo.

Memory Arena
The public is invited to participate in a journey through thousands of individual biographical fragments from a lost but relevant era, which has been translated into a "scenic" yet functional bureaucratic "Kafkaesque" apparatus.

discord.sabotage of realities
An exhibition and action art project that intends to bring together a wide variety of different artistic positions of the Nineties. In German and English.

In the Line of Fire
A report on events in Derry, Northern Ireland, 10-14 July 1996 following the "Drumcree Standoff". From the Pat Finucane Centre for Human Rights and Social Change.

Schizophrenia Home Page
Intends to be the leading Web resource for information on the brain disease Schizophrenia.

In The Flow: Alternate Authoring Strategies
A selection of work which already treats content as flowing information rather than as property. At Franklin Furnace in New York until Dec. 21, 1996 and on the Web.

Gare Aux Movements
Anybody can participate in this project by taking from this page images (a collection documenting the 1995 strike in Paris), working with these images and sending back the manipulated images to

Vincent van Gogh, Nuenen
Van Gogh lived in the Dutch town of Nuenen from 1883 to 1885 and used many of the town's buildings for subject matter.

A project by Susan Goldman, part of the "In the Flow" exhibition at Franklin Furnace in New York.

Fun With Fluids
Digital artworks centred on organic/inorganic body metaphors, fluids, memory and imaging.

Candela 2
Artworx, projects, spooky music.

A term first coined in the book "Dis-Orienting Rhythms: The Politics of the New Asian Dance Music.

A group of artists on a mission to cross the great waters using an elevator.

Museum of Forgery
A nomadic institute dedicated to the aesthetics of forgery. Antoinette LaFarge, Director.

Intra Internet: Walking Through Wires
We want to invite YOU to follow us walking around INTERNET. We would especially like to draw your attention to places, people and events that exist BEYOND the glamourous surface of the world wide web.

Total Tour: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
A seven-week, online and offline Web investigation of how recent evolutions in information and communication technology affect our day-to-day lives.

Paris Reseau
Collaborative hypertext exploration of Paris by Karen O'Rourke.

FBI's Ten Most Wanted

Kyoko Date
The first 100% virtual star: the "Virtual Idol". She's been created by engineers and designers of the top model Japanese agency HoriPro.

Terbo Ted
Sounds and sights.

Lock Down USA
Providing news, facts and resources about the American prison industry and Criminal Justice System. From Deepdish TV.

Mixing Messages
Graphhic Design in Contemporary Culture exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art Amsterdam
Information about exhibitions giving people insight in the extensive and world famous art collection.

Living Documents
Adding collaboration to information systems, by Jenifer Tennison. Living Document systems are a way to store information that changes over time.

A collaborative project conceptualized and produced by Victoria Vesna and a public space on the web that occasionally emerges in the physical realm.

Jamestown Rediscovery
A ten year interdisciplinary project searching for the remains of 1607 Jamestown on Jamestown Island, Virginia.

Satellite Observations of Forest Fires
Part of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Ocean Remote Sensing Group.

Maps Exhibition
"Exploring the West from Monticello", an exhibition of maps and navigational instruments from the University of Virginia.

EnoWeb '96
Brian Eno resources.

Elsa Dorfman
A CyberJournal by portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman, including her out-of-print "Elsa's Housebook."

A View of the City
A personal collection of New York City images in CD-ROM.

Collaboration between artists Bob Braine, Mark Dion and Alexis Rockman and the country of Guyana.

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story
The film by Todd Haynes.

Sargent at Harvard
A searchable database that makes available images and textual information relating to the American artist John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) in the collections of the Harvard University Art Museums (Fogg Art Museum) and the Harvard University Portrait Collection.

Nonsensodimensional imageflow with pulse a SITO collaborative urt project.

Drury's Exotic Entomology
Butterflies and moths from the 1837 monograph by Dru Drury. Presented by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

A non-linear film on CD-ROM created by artist/musician Perry Hall and architect Ed Keller.

St. Petersburg Biennale
October 3 - 13, 1996. The theme is "Eastern Europe: SPATIA NOVA (New Areas)". New processes taking place in the new spheres of art are expected to be represented.

Timothy Leary Home Page
Spending his last days connected to the Internet. Drop in to say goodbye.

Yellowstone Journal
Independent journal dedicated to Yellowstone National Park, home to 275 Grizzly Bears.

Random Readings
By Lisa Bloomfied, University of California, Riverside. The artist also has a new piece "Untitled"

Did you ever wonder what happened to Disneyland's Mine Train, Flying Saucers, or Indian Village? These and other attractions, restaurants, and shops are now collected in Yesterland, a theme park on the Web.

Diego Rivera
A revolutionary painter looking to take art to the public.

In Our Path
A project by Jeff Gates. "The truth of the Century Freeway is an interwoven fabric of stories, mine being merely one thread. Feel free to add your voice to this piece of cloth."

Honoria in Ciberspazio
Collaborative opera.

Current exhibits of the work of Pablo Picasso.

The Mondrian Machine
You, too, can indulge in Plasticism care of Mark Lewis and Urban Desires.

Good Old New Media
An interactive installation by Jens Geelhaar where it is possible to view and to contribute your own drawings in the real installation as well as here, in it`s virtual representation.

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross
Learn to paint "Happy Trees"!
Your entry will be broadcast through a public address system at the School of Art and Design at the University of Derby, UK.

CrAteRs on the MoOn
Iceland's first real time broadcast via the net. Part of the Reykjavik Art Festival and sent in by Birgitta (

Guerrilla Girls
Concience of the art world. And funny, too.

Damien Hirst Biography
Conversation with Marcelo Spinelli for the British Art Show IV.

Burtz Virtual Atelier
The online studio of artist Marcy Burt Butz from Zurich,Switzerland. Extensive information about the tools she uses to create her digital paintings make this an exceptional resource.

scanner - spore - 1995 - new electronica - elec 18cd

KUNSTcoop Art-War+Peace Sculpture Plan
It should become a heterogenous virtual sculpture which we will transfer to real spaces in the involved participantīs cities.

A videocam project by June Houston.

Trojan Gold Tour
Information on guided tour of Pushkin exhibit with links to other Trojan sites.

Ad Reinhardt with Noises
Words by artist Ad Reinhardt, noise by Bob Ducharme.

Le Projet Collage
A contributing and in-progress project about territories invested by sound, it works in a rhizomatic manner and may appear under different forms each time. Information only:

Exhibition organized by Paul Warren. Essay by Donald Kuspit.

Manifestos and other resources collected by Kim Scarborough.

The (re)making project
Archive of the plays of Chalres Mee. The author invites you to take and reuse the texts to make new works.

Word Machine
Small realtime interactive synthetic grammer engine by Simon Biggs. Requires the Shockwave plugin and Netscape 2.0 or later.

The Grimm Tale
Tale of fear from M.R. Petit and John Neilson. Be sure to check out the Grimm Thoughts section.

Home of Panman (Mark Bloch) and the One World Art Mail Art Show.

]INPUT[ [OUTPUT] Narrative Generator
Runs on the TURING1000 Computer using a PENDULUM1 processor running at 1Hz with 1KB of memory. This is why it takes about a week to process any input.

Antoni Abad
"Sisyphus". Joint presentation by the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona with Pompeu Fabra University (MACBA on line) and The Museum of New Zealand/Te Papa Tongarewa.

Hedda Lettuce
Drag queen wisdom.

Village in North Wales that was the setting for "The Prisoner" television show.

Andrew Goldsworthy
Images from the book of Goldsworthy's work courtesy Gary Hunt of University of Bath.

Tree Mountain
A Living Forest of Four Centuries, 10,000 Trees Planted by 10,000 People in the Pinsio gravel pits, Ylojarvi, Finland 1992-1996. A project by Agnes Denes.

Joseph Nechvatal
This site is dedicated to the ORNAMENT OF THE MASSES and to a healthy horror of mass communications -- mass media and its repulsion-attraction fascination.

TAKH, The Society for the Przewalski Horse
The last remaining horse never to have been domesticated and the horse depicted on the cave paintings of Lascaux. (TAKH means wild horse in Mongolian).

U.S. Army Vietnam Combat Art
Sketches and paintings by soldier artists in Vietnam. All artwork completed as a soldier artist are in the Military History War Art Collection in Washington D.C.

The adventures of Tintin entirely in French.

An interactive experience about type and typography from

Audio works from Robin Rambaud.

Queensboro Ballads
A Web Album by Levi Asher

Ellipsis Publishing
Architecture, Simon Biggs, John Chris Jones and the Mekons.

Art & Other Astrocities
The work of Michael Betancourt.

Eadweard Muybridge
Read a short biography, learn about his legacy, browse galleries of his famous motion studies.

Ambient Music Resources
Brian Eno coined the term "Ambient Music" in the '80s and this site may help you figure out what it is. It's not New Age in any case.

10 - 89
Blinking lights from

Diseases of Consciousness
Critical Art Ensemble Medical Guide from the Banff Centre for the Arts.

Mobile web-telerobot

Great use of Frames. Move the borders around while you wait for the cgi to kick in.

The idea of the Poietic Generator came in 1986, following the conception of diverse interactive experiences for museums, and the reading of "VALISYSTEM", a book by Philip K. Dick.

Shroud of Turin
And yet, the controversy still rages. This web site will keep you abreast of current research, provide you with accurate data from the previous research and let you interact with the researchers themselves.

IGGY's Nano-Music Fractal Ensemble
Music on molecular and atom scale objects.

Brain Opera
Work by Tod Machover incorporating video and sound from the Internet.

Northern Ireland Peace Site
A platform for people to express their opinions on violence related to Northern Ireland.

Art and culture of women of the African diaspora.

Bookmarks | TOP 100 | Medium
Great hotlist. Be sure to check out the rest of this site.

Heath Bunting
Ongoing projects.

Ambitious Bitch
Marita Liulia's visual update of western femininity at the turn of the millennium.

Some professional paranoia from Jennifer Ross.

Simon Biggs
This work can be seen as occupying a space somewhere between experimental art (installation), video art, traditional animation and computer art, but not belonging to any single genre. Currently living and working in London, England.

The Folk Den
Archive of folk music from Roger McGuinn, founder of The Byrds.

Louise Bourgeois Drawings
From the University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley. Includes RealAudio commentary by the artist.

The Art Hotel
Carlton Arms Hotel -- the Sistine Chapel of New York City.

PSYBERIA Digital Garden
Designed to penetrate your thoughts and free your mind. OM.

Web site of artist/curator Kenny Schachter, best known for his samisdat-like curatorial projects in New York's Soho.

Thomas Krüsselmann
"Different Stories", a portfolio of photographs.

An Illustrated Introduction to Ray Johnson
An appreciation by Mark Bloch, aka The Panman.

Webcorp Multimedia Potpourri
Very eclectic collection of audio and video. Hear Spiro Agnew explain Kent State.

Kamers is what you call a multi-org-site. From Belgium in English.

Contains material that could be offensive to some people. You must have reached the age of consent to proceed.

Pedro Meyer site dedicated to photography and its journey from the analog to digital world.

Lean Yellow Supporting
Dig deep for correspondence between Hitler and Duchamp wherein Adolph suggests Marcel's Large Glass could use some Photoshop dropshadows.

Nagasaki Journey
Photographs by Yosuke Yamahata.

Alchemical garden at the edge of time from Terence McKenna.

Interactive Conference Archive
Arts Wire's artist-in-residence program.

Smell Your Destiny
Hypertext web piece by Sonya Rapoport concerning success via aromatherapy.

Next Five Minutes: Tactical Media
Conference and exhibition that took place in Amsterdam's Balie and Paradiso and in Rotterdam's V2_Organisation during January 1996.

Webmuseum of Holography
A privately-owned and operated Internet resource by Frank DeFreitas Holography Studio, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Urgent Message for Edward R. McCracken
Artist Stefan Beck discovers he is actually the long lost son of the President and CEO of Silicon Graphics Computer Inc.

Annette Messager
Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

SruTiny in the Great Round
Sample the CD-ROM by Tennessee Rice Dixon and Jim Gasperini.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Centennial Home Page
To elevate the awareness of one of America's greatest writers and to coordinate all events in 1996 commemorating the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Puerto Abierto/Open Bridge
Open invitation to artists of any nationality and any medium to participate in the "construction" of a graphic bridge ad perpetuum.

1996 Internet World Exposition
This world's fair for the information age is an exciting collaboration of communities, companies, and engineers from around the world.

Fluxus Indian Museum
Discovered in historical archives in Iowa in 1984.

Peel Andy Warhol's Banana (self-peeling)

Eduardo Kac Retrospective
Documentation of performances, mixed media work, holopoetry, telecommunications events, computer imaging, interactive installations, telepresence art, essays and articles, as well as actual digital pieces available for downloading.

OnLine TV
A real time image transmission between New York and any global connection to the internet.

Souvenir: Chronique d'Abidjan
Richard Bolton's digital chronicle explores his experiences, reactions and ruminations during and following an artist-in-residence engagement in West Africa, in the city of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

Zero News
From PUBLIC NETBASE-t0 Institute in Austria, includes the Interactive Cattle Mutilator, Hakim Bey and The Critical Art Ensemble.

A Tele-Communist Conspiracy. Visit the Brave New World Trade Center, Lennongrad and the Panoptikon for easy Global Search and Seizure.

Trophies of Honor
Project to chronicle and preserve native culture and art by presenting museum quality works on the Internet in exhibition form.

Cezanne Exhibit
Major retrospective at the Grand Palais in Paris. In English and French.

Part of the USEmE exhibition 1995 in Berlin. The bearhunt bomber-simulator interface can be viewed only with Netscape Navigator 2.0.

Jim Costanzo - States of Siege
Work based on the artist's experiences living across the street from Tompkins Square Park in the East Village of Manhattan.

Xander Stories
Short stories and cartoons by Xander Mellish. The stories on this site first appeared on telephone poles, in subway stations, and in pizza parlors and laundromats around New York City.

Seattle Mountain Talking!!!
Young man from Seattle in love. Be prepared for excessive downloading.

The LABYRINT Project
LABYRINT is a Prague-based international project that explores the new technical, artistic and philosophical possibilities of the Internet.

Fluxus Home Page Fluxus
Work by Fluxus artists.

The Medjugorje Web
The Medjugorje Web is dedicated to providing information about one of the most incredible and important supernatural events of our time. Since 1981, in a small village named Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, The Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing and giving messages to the world.

In FractalMUD, we view the Julia set as a two-dimensional cross-section. We navigate FractalMUD using finite two-dimensional windows in our Web browsers. The system uses HTML as a program data stack to store the current state.

World's Largest Pixel
One black pixel (gif) 32759x32720
For more amazing things from Jeffrey Kurland visit his Art Works New York site (

Fire in the Hole: Ballad of a Yourng Chilly
Crypto/vegitarian Heather Wagner.

The original, often imitated showcase for 'net cams and films. Originators of the Graffiti Screenplay.

The sprawl is a virtual community where all users are given the ability to extend the cyberscape in an unrestricted manner, creating a huge and sprawling virtual reality.

X-Change Space
Technically speaking, the space, utilizing a hypercard cgi engine as well as an ftp server for image transport to the X-Change Space, is made up of an engaged interface which allows anyone with WWW access to connect and, using just their "Collective Page" interface (a savy term for "Netscape"!?), to add and change documents.

Chris Marker Site
Chris Marker has creatively reworked his life as if he were editing one of his films. Included in the "Videospaces" exhibit at MoMA.

Portraits in Cyberspace
Part of A Day in the Life of Cyberspace, a global, participatory, online event being hosted by the MIT Media Laboratory.

Views of The Solar System
Views of the Solar System has been created as an educational tour of the solar system. It contains images and information about the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids found within the solar system. The image processing for many of the images was done by the author.

TOLERANCE is the latest travelling exhibition from the National Museum of Australia and is a major contribution to Australia's participation in the International Year for Tolerance.

Excellent personal site with inventive use of HTML and fed with a steady diet of Curve's Pubic Fruit.

B. Jung Home Page
WARNING! These pages contain utterances which may cause severe anger for any dedicated believer in doctrines of salvation. So, if you use the net to consolidate your techno-utopian ideas of the dawning of a golden age, you'd better don't continue to read !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In German and English)

Eric Hewitson
"Sometimes I don't know myself at all" is a collection of experiments examining questions of normality, latency and identity. Eric Hewitson's exploration of self-hood takes us to the microscopic realm of bacteria, genetic information and molecular structure. Needs VRML browser, which you can download from the site.

Core Dump
Various small square images are identified by 5,457 titles. The imagery depicts embedded cultural (sexual-facial) expressions and are printed using a fine uniform halftone beneath an error-diffusion bitmap. Courtesy of Brad Brace.

Digital Temple
You are connected to the Digital Temple, a project by Jon Tower. It is currently on view in an exhibition entitled Oy at 121 Greene Street, curated by Kenny Schachter. The exhibition will continue through November 7, 1995.

The Phone
Ubiquitous, decentralised, personal, automatic, unmechanical, crossing every social boundary, needing no special skills, responsive to the subtlest tones of voice or intonation, the first machine, I'd say, to be as machines could be, can be, once we transcend the mechanical, the imposed order of written word, of plan, of expert, repetition, wheel ...

Home Spaces of John Hopkins
Artist from Iceland.

Machina Amniotica
A new form of poetry from Italy. In Italian.

Bad Information
Important information collected on Art Com Electronic Network on the WELL. A definative database about health, football, body odor, happiness, success...and you can contribute *your* bad information, too! Courtesy Judy Malloy.

Public Organ by Carla Scaletti
Public Organ is a "digital playground" that will be installed at the Banff Arts Centre from the 3rd through the 7th of September, 1995. During this period, you will be able to contribute text and images to the installation as well as look (and listen) in on its progress by means of the World Wide Web. (After this period of time, the web part of the piece may continue to exist if we are able to find a home for the server somewhere on the network).

European Media Art Festival 1995
In 1995, the EUROPEAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL will take place in Osnabrück from September 6 to 10, accompanied by an exhibition which will last until September 24. At different venues in Osnabrück international media-art will be presented and discussed. The art gallery Dominikanerkirche offers the fascinating environment for the exhibition due to it's gothic ambience.

Urban Exercises - 80 TAGE WIEN
A virtual "parcours" for artistic explorations of the city, architecture and urbanity as part of the architecture festival 80 TAGE WIEN, August 25 - November 12, 1995.

This site was rejected by Yahoo for not having enough interesting content. They were told to to resubmit the listing when it was more developed. Check it out and decide if you trust Yahoo's judgement when it comes to art sites.

Mechanical Gaze
Mechanical Gaze allows multiple remote WWW users to actively control up to six degrees of freedom (DOF) of a robot arm with an attached camera to explore a real remote environment. The initial environment is a collection of physical museum exhibits which WWW users can view at various positions, orientations, and levels of resolution.

One door leads from here to the regions of mythopoeia, realm of the righteous, the mythic and monolithic what you will see are just fragments of these vast provinces captured in a coincidence of color and composition. To enter, follow your instincts: If something catches your eye tell us about it; if something draws you , go deeper.

A Docent's Tour of Salvador Dali Resources
This Web resource was created to aid the user in navigating through the various Salvador Dali resources that currently exist on the Internet.

Mohr Gallery
The economy of an idea became important to me. After exposing multiple frames of film and joining them together to create one image, I decided to use one piece of film and create the images with multiple exposures, drawing directly in the camera. This eliminated much of the need for conscious decisions and allowed for more interesting accidental transitions .

Max Frazee
My art revolves around the theme of SERIAL KILLERS. In the Seventies, national and international police noticed the- popping up everywhere- of serial killers as a new trend in crime. It has taken another twenty years for society to become aware of this phenomenon.

Spleen Pages
"All attempts to show indispensable or important functions of the spleen have been unsuccessful. It may be removed from the body without serious injury to the animal..."
Beautifully crafted site by Piotr Szyhalski.

Kondratieff Wave
Kondratieff waves refer to the expansion and contraction of economies, which in turn trigger significant shifts in political and social ideologies. We conceived this exhibition as a complement to the Banff Arts Festival, focused on the creative and turbulent period of the Twenties and Thirties. That boom and busts era gave birth to avant garde cinema, photography, visual art, music and theatre.

Visitor's Guide to London
The already out of date psycho geographical tour of london.
Comes with over 250 sites of anti-historical value.
(Lots of imagemaps)

Peeping Tom Homepage
Cameras on the Web.

Virtual Concrete
Build a better body for yourself courtesy of Victoria Vesna, an installation and performance artist working with new technologies.

Deleuze and Guattari Rhiz-O-Mat
"The smooth always posseses a greater power of deterritorialization than the striated."

Lyotard Auto-Differend Page
The Lyotard Auto-Differend Page is a technical experiment and a theoretical allegory.

Infinity City
INFINITY CITY is a collaborative installation by artists Ann Rosenthal and Stephen Moore that commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the detonation of the first atomic device on July 16, 1945. Since 1982, the artists have been involved in projects that examine the social and personal effects of living in the "shadow of the bomb." They believe the development of this weapon was a monumental event in the history of humankind, and that the stress of living in the atomic age is much underrated.

Alex Lam's Virtual Studio
This site contains stereo music sound tracks.

Joseph Cusimano
Canadian metaphysical surrealist artist known for his enigmatic excursions into the landscape of the soul where the unreal can seem real in the metamorphosis of time.

Slovenia Netgallery
Not much information about this site but last we looked it had a small exhibit of two artists, Zdenko Huzjan and Lojze Logar with purchasing details.

About Us
About Us is a body of artwork created for the internet by Luis Prieto. It consists of a collection of images that in their own way suggest many stories.

Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp was an accomplished artist who is noted for embracing and participating in many art movements of the twentieth century, including Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Op Art and Pop Art.

(Art)^n Laboratory
Digital art projects from Northwestern University.

The E-Ville Dialogues (An Extravaganza) by Shana M. Fisher
Discaimer/Key: Be herein forewarned, E-Ville is an experiment. Though it is a comedy, proceed with caution, for there are a lot of words. The parts can be read in any order--everything is out of order. Any names that may correspond to historical or fictional figures are purely intensional.

HypArt Project
The idea to this project came to my mind as I thought about the possibilites originate with a hypermedia system like the World Wide Web. 'HypArt' stands for Hyper-Art and is a artistical equivalent to 'Hyper-Text'. The thought is that a single picture is created by several people. Therefore the image is being divided into squares and each artist contributes one of them.

Automatic Talking Machine
The words you type will magically be spoken out loud in my office here at Inference in Los Angeles. If I'm around, I'll hear what you say. And so will anyone else who happens to be within earshot. So be creative -- not insulting!

Matthew Brand
Mobiles and kinetic sculptures, warm-up exercises for a research project in visual and artistic intelligence at the MIT Media Lab.

A virtual tour of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Brian Eno Page
More in-depth than the typical "fan" pages about a musical artist, created by Malcolm Humes.

City of Bits
City of Bits offers a model to which to aspire when it comes to electronic book publishing. Entertaining, graphically pleasing and loaded with internal and external links, City of Bits offers a probing and intimate look at the new types of cities we are comstructing in the virtual corners of our universe.

In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the mind there are no limits. (Lilly, 1972)

Useless WWW Pages
"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." --Bertrand Russell

Squashed Bug Zoo
Gone, but not forgotten...

Winterbourne House & Gardens
A tour with graphics of the gardens at Winterbourne House from the University of Birmingham (UK).

Contortionists and Contortionism
This page is dedicated to the decaying art of Human Contortion.

Hollywood Archaeology
An Artists' WWW Project of the Whitney Museum of American Art created and designed by Lowell Darling and Jim Newman.

The Cooker
The work of artist Jake Tilson.

This link has been made for exhibition and educational purposes. ArtNetWeb does not in any way condone the content. The following quote is from the Stormfront home page and will give you a sample of what you'll find:
White Nationalist resource page. "Stormfront is a resource for those courageous men and women fighting to preserve their White Western culture, ideals and freedom of speech and association -- a forum for planning strategies and forming political and social groups to ensure victor."

Tic Tac Toe
Care for a game?

Random Place
The art of randomness with John Cage.

George Coates Performance Works
George Coates Performance Works (GCPW) creates large scale multi-media theatrical performances. Mr. Coates develops and utilizes technical and creative resources from emerging digital technologies in combination with traditional stagecraft, light, and film techniques to support live performers, classically trained musicians, actors and dancers in the creation of a live theater of colliding media. Internationally recognized as an innovator in the development of new forms of live art, the Performance Works has won major awards for its work in Japan, Europe, and the United States. GCPW is a nonprofit theater company founded in 1977. NOTE: Uses Sun HotJava applets.

Janine Gordon's Home Page
This should give Senator Exon a heart attack. DON'T GO HERE if sex and nudity get your knickers twisted.

Telematic Sculpture 4 at Venice Biennale
This mobile sculpture (length 21,8 meters, weight 1800 kg) is physically positioned in the austrian pavilion during the biennale of venice. T.S.4 is also positioned electronically in the www of internet. T.S.4 is driven by the data flow in internet according to an equation comparing the world wide computer newsgroups versus world wide art newsgroups. According to this equation T.S.4 will transcross the austrian pavilion during the time of the biennale and break through the wall of the pavilion.

The Portrait Now
Recent manifestations of the idea of the portrait. Exhibit at the Elga Wimmer Gallery in New York from May 25th through July 15, 1995.

Nightmare Gallery
An unreal collection of pictures culled from the Usenet Newsgroup

Alter Stats
ALTER STATS creates images based on your interaction. When you request the ALTER STATS pages, a unique image is computed and returned to your browser. A project developed specifically for the World Wide Web by John F. Simon, Jr.

Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design
The Museum of Modern Art's first web site designed by ArtNetWeb's own webmaestro Adrianne Wortzel (look for her Electronic Chronicles in our PROJECTS area).

Art Crimes
A gallery of graffiti art from cities around the world. In most places, painting graffiti is illegal. We do not advocate illegal graffiti, but we think art belongs in public spaces and that more legal walls should be made available for this fascinating art form.

About my page. Some areas of this Site might feel more complete than others yet you will not see "Site under construction" signs where you might expect some. If McLuhan was right ("The medium is the message.") an essential component of a Web Site is the fact that it can only be a work in progress. The power of the Web resides in both its ever changing state and its ubiquity.

Rolling the Dice: A Narrative in Ad and Word
Exhibit by Kevin Jon Boyle offering an image/story for members of a 1990s "lonely hearts club" from the University of California/Riverside Museum of Photography.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrap the Reichstag
This home page will offer day-by-day photos of the Reichstag installation. The installation is scheduled to begin on June 17, 1995. It also offers photos of two previous works.

Desperately Seeking Susan
Please help me find information concerning a missing person. Her name could be Susan, although I'm not sure. I think she is a Swedish citizen, but she could be from some other European country (or even the US). I think she works as an artist or a designer (maybe she is a student in art or design).

George Rarey's World War II Air Force Cartoon Journals
In 1942 my father, George Rarey, a young cartoonist and commercial artist, was drafted into the Army Air Corps. He flew a P-47 before he drove a car. During his service he kept a cartoon journal of the daily life of the fighter pilots. A few weeks after D-Day he was killed in combat over France.

Terrorist Advertising
A billboard project by G.H. Hovagimyan who considers advertising designed solely to increase the profits of a corporation at the expense of the individual's sense of self as terrible as a gun held to the head of a terrorist victim.

In A Different Light
In a Different Light, co-curated by Nayland Blake and Lawrence Rinder, explores the resonance of gay and lesbian experience in twentieth-century American art. The initial inspiration for the exhibition was the dynamism and innovation evident in the work of the contemporary generation of young gay and lesbian artists.

1002 Situations
This project is for you to place text, photos and sound that define your "heimat" (homeland) into this "virtual museum". We want you not only to visit, but to stay and participate. Each file automatically enters you into our competition that chooses the best reflections of the meaning of the word "heimat", homeland. First prize is an all expences paid trip to Castle Tollet in Austria for the opening of the exhibition September 22 1995.

networkMCI Developers Lab
Also known as the 21st Century Garage. This site has been created by MCI to help you become aware of the tremendous opportunities the Lab offers to developers, customers and vendors. Along the way, you'll also learn more about the underlying technologies that make up the Information Superhighway.

MaxRes O+A 95
An installation by Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger which links the Linzer Hauptbahnhof with the Brucknerhaus in a harmonic and melodic interface of man machine and information. The ambient sound of the train station is re-tuned real-time from a remote sensing station linked by information lines and computers. MAX RES, a non-human figure of cement, plastic, glass and steel stands in the terminal receiving and transmitting both audio and video, changing the atmosphere with harmonically altered resonance.

Berend Strik
Sadness, Sluices, Mermaids, Delay
This is an early edition of the on-line version of the catalogue we did for a Berend Strik exhibition in 1994 at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Sarajevo Pipeline
Direct dialogue between the inhabitants of Sarajevo and the Internet community Through an electronic forum on the Internet via the ZaMir Transnational Network

The Dotted Line
A piece by Jeffrey Kurland.

Piero Project from Princeton
This project addresses the problem of bringing electronic technology into the teaching of humanities subjects in a manner that we believe will challenge traditional methods of pedagogy and benefit the learning process in a fundamental way. The technology is a newly created electronic teaching tool called *E.C.I.T* (Electronic Compendium of Images and Text), which brings together facts, conceptual materials, visual images, and three-dimensional models in a fully searchable electronic compendium.

Take Me I'm Yours
Introduction by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Take me (I'm yours) focuses on the dual code of the iconographic and the functional aspect of art, whereby the homogeneity of the work of art is compromised by the heterogeneity of its potential uses. Every truth is surrounded by other truths that require further investigation. Most of the works in this exhibition invite active participation or are executed and completed by members of the public. At the same time, visitors are invited to test, touch, transform and take home the exhibits and thus assume an active role in their dissemination. Fragments disappear to reappear in another context. Interactivity in art involves the body as an active participant, thereby implicating the audience in the process of creation, making them the unwitting accomplice of the artist.

Fantastic Prayers
Fantastic Prayers, a site-specific web project with texts, images, audio, and video, is a collaboration of writer Constance DeJong, artist Tony Oursler, and musician Stephen Vitiello.

Digitally manipulated images from Thomas Porett of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

George Seurat
Web exhibit of the French Painter George Seurat, with links to images. Nice use of web resources.

Mythology in Western Art
Images of the main deities from various periods of Western art from a survey course given by Dr. Sonia Klinger of the Department of Art History, University of Haifa, Israel.

A meditation on censorship by Adrianne Wortzel (who also has a project called "AH NEED" in our WEB PROJECTS section.

The Camille Paglia Checklist
So, you've missed the beginning of this interview and don't know whether it's Camille Paglia or not? Nothing simpler than that. Just fill out this handy checklist, and the revolutionary new Pagliameter will do the work for you!

Grafica Obscura
A compilation of technical notes, pictures, essays and complete junk that Paul Haeberli of Silicon Graphics has accumulated over the years.

AUX500DIABLES is a manifestation organised by contemporary artists.

My Name Is Scribe
This work -- written simultaneously on ARTS WIRE and on The WELL -- was begun while I lay in bed in Tempe, Arizona recovering from a serious accident. I could not go out, and sometimes days went by when there was no human contact.

Ikenobo Ikebana Society of South Florida
The origins of Ikenobo Ikebana date back nearly 500 years and are deeply entwined with the social and artistic history of Japan. The headquarters of Ikenobo remains at the place of it's founding, the Rokkakudo Temple in Kyoto, Japan. There are now chapters throughout Japan and the world.

Buckminster Fuller
Creator of the Geodesic Dome.

Mark Twain
Resources by or about Mark Twain ranging from texts of his books to an analysis of his character's appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Wooden Toy
From Italy. Not much text or information but lots of images.

Russell Johnson
Stories, sounds and pictures from around the world captured by Russell Johnson and friends.

This poem was originally published in the "After the Book" issue of Perforations, an Art/Lit mag from Atlanta.

In February 1995, the MayaQuest team led by adventurer Dan Buettner will embark upon a wholly kid-directed bicycle expedition into the Maya world of Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and Honduras.

Treasures of the Czars
Brought to you by the St. Petersburg Times and The Florida International Museum. The museology may be questionable but it's an interesting and well-designed site.

du Centre George-Pompidou Exhibition Schedule
The 1995-96 exhibition schedule for the Pompidou Center in Paris, with some subjects hyperlinked to more information.

History of Ancient Egypt
This Schaffner Library World Wide Web Page was created for Northwestern University students enrolled in History B94: History of Ancient Egypt, instructor Peter Piccione.

The Cherry Corporation
This is an art project . . . I think.

Regina Frank, "Hermes' Mistress"
The flirtation with the messenger of the gods, Hermes, is an investigation of the global, immaterial exchange of information in the virtual space. "Hermes Mistress" attempts to bridge high technology with the traditional technique of handiwork. She begins daily her quest by selecting and collecting information from the "Internet," the global information network, that reaches her in nanoseconds from all over the world. The intangible data, once harvested, is saved onto her portable computer at which point she begins the now manual task of materializing the text with letter beads , as embroidery for the red silk gown that she wears. In spirals the chains of information swirl up her dress, slowly and delicately detailing the island that Hermes' Mistress surrounds herself with.

American Revolution Hypertext
An HTML-hypertext on American History, from the colonial period until the First World War.

The Face of Venus
Learn about the surface of the planet Venus through hypertext documents and the interactive databases of craters and coronae.

Pompeii Forum Project
The Pompeii Forum Project is a collaborative venture that focuses on the urban center of Pompeii. (The forum at any Roman town was the urban center housing the town's main religious, civic, and commercial institutions.) There are three components to the project: documentation of standing remains; archaeological analysis; and urban study that seeks a) to interpret the developments at Pompeii in the broader context of urban history and b) to identify at Pompeii recurring patterns of urban evolution that can be applied to contemporary issues in American urbanism.

Paleolithic Cave Paintings
Downloadable pictures of the cave paintings recently discovered in France.

Web exhibit by Joseph Squier from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana.

Jerusalem in the 19th Century
Rare collection of 19th Century photographs of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Frida Kahlo Homepage
Biography of and images by painter Frida Kahlo.

World Art Treasures
Art from Egypt, China, Japan, India, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Ferrari: The Italian Dream
It isn't just a car, it's an obsession. Lots of pictures of classic cars.

Works by contemporary Russian artists using photography.

Welcome to the Planets
This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program. The collection has been extracted from the interactive program "Welcome to the Planets" which will be distributed on the Planetary Data System Educational CD-ROM in Jan 1995.

File Room
Project by Antonio Muntadas to collect documentation on censorship around the world.

A hypertext version of the electronic film "WAX or the discovery of television among the bees" (1991) by David Blair. Be careful, you may never leave it.

Fighters on the Farm Front
An exhibition about the Oregon Emergency Farm Labor Service 1943-1947 from the Oregon State Archives.

Robotic Tele-Excavation
Virtual archaeologists can take part in a dig at the Mercury Project of the University of Southern California.

Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque
Exquisit and and unique images of the grotesque originally present on the newsgroup. WARNING! The images may be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion advised.

Travels with Samantha
Best of Web Winner,1994, by Phillip Greenspun is a trip through North America with 250 full-color JPEG photos.

Art Hole
An exhibit of pinhole photos by Harlan Wallach.

Ancestry: Religion, Death and Culture.
An exhibit on the culture of Central Appalachia by Belinda Di Leo.

Fluxus Online WWW
Flux fun.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival WWW page.

911 Gallery
Indianapolis gallery dedicated to electronic media art.

Interactive On-Line Geometry Gallery.
Make your own online tiling patterns.

Interactive Genetic Art
You can vote for your favorite piece at this site from Canegie Mellon.

@Art Gallery
Exhibit by Peter Campus up last time we looked. Good, well done space from the University of Illinois Urbana/Champagne.

Surrealism Server
Join Tristan Tzara, Salvador Dali and the gang. Includes a profanity and insult generator.

Renaissance Dante in Print
THIS EXHIBITION presents Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame, together with selected treasures from The Newberry Library.

Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page.

Papyrus Project
Digitization project from the University of Michigan, which has one of the largest Papyrus collections in the world.

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