The Brooklyn Web Jam


web jam

"Here in the bio-electronic moment, somewhere between these words and your eyes, we are drawn into a miraculous conflux: a continuum of chemicals, linkages, feedback loops, rumors, waveforms, bricks, smirks, and terror. Yet we are not an All. We are not God. We are not a cozy One. We are a storm of undefinable presences suckling into one another, congealing, folding into a mutual murk. We cyclically strain against and surrender to some wild, howling node that lures the cosmic waters into its steaming vortex. And the great question emerges: how do we extract pleasure from this timeless suction? Can our tender beings integrate with the swirls of microbes, convection currents, iron ore, cash flows, local and international media, metaphorical inversions, the very biosphere in which we breath, and still delight in the mix? Can we jam in such a dense foam of thought, blood, and wire? Can we dance with such a monstrous organism? Can we open our dumb, simian circle out towards an infinite latice of pulsations?

"Let us jam in the web, fellow animals! Let us be symbiotic, and connected -not merely symbols and postures evaporating above the world. Let us induce high-density confluences: wailing multispecies, multilanguage, multipurpose throngs. Let us pull every kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species into the oil with us. Let us jam with our neighborhoods, our satellites, refridgerators, insects, rickshaws, and meteor showers. Let us protrude into the common wilderness, the radical center of mutual survival. There let us lay web upon web, and inject system into system. Let us merge audience, performer, and medium, melt poverty into wealth, and dissolve culture into nature. Let us induce a new ritual of mongrel possibility. There may we liquidate our beings and coil into bionic communion."

-Ebon Fisher