Terrestrial Transgression

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About the project

Who is in this natural web?  People with Trees

What is art in terrestrial transgression?

Seeds ejacumulation, dissemenation @ www

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t  e   r   r   a     e   r   o   t   i   c   a

About the project

I am inviting you, people voyaging through the hyperspeedy international space of cyberculture, to plant a tree in our old planet. Through this project you will give birth to seeds gathered from a unique, majestic and sexually active beech tree.

[thee tree]

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Who is in this natural web?

221 people from 38 different countries are growing tree seedlings which originate from the tree, creating a natural network of roots which grows freely inside and around the earth.

Among these people are a wide range of artists, musicians, architects, writers and thinkers. They make this site grow - to learn how, visit People with Trees.

What is art in terrestrial transgression?

The tree is an embodiment of erotic tranquility.  Its branches caress the air, and its roots penetrate the earth. With help from the wind, the tree makes love to itself.  It has both male pollen and female flowers and is self-fertilizing. The tree is hermaphrodite, androgynous, bisexual.

[Spinal Column]

When you grow your own tree from a seed, part of your soul grows within the tree. It is mixed with the tree's wood, leaves, pollen, seeds and fruit, and nourishes the planet.

[Unexpected Uterus - 230 seedlings]

After your body dies, your soul continues to grow and spiral with the rings of the tree for hundreds of years, transgressing the normal limits of human lifetime.

[4-year old tree seedling grown from thee tree]                          [same seeding at 8 years]

Seeds ejacumulation, dissemenation @ www

In October 2000, for the 5th year of this project, I travelled to the United States and gathered seeds from the tree.  If you would like to receive some of the seeds, simply send a creative contribution in the spirit of terrestrial transgression.

Your contribution can be images (maximum 50k), text, music or a link.  What you send will be posted on People with Trees and later be included in an exhibition in the real world.  If you prefer, you can send a financial contribution and be listed as a Project Sponsor.

Send creations by e-mail before 21 December 2000 to:


Be sure to include your mailing address so I can send you 12 seeds with easy-to-follow growing instructions.

With care and luck, three or four of your 12 seeds will germinate and grow to trees,

[Trophy - tree seedling grown in condom]

to be planted in the planet according to your desire.

[body, tree, seedlings]

t   e   r   r   a     e   r   o   t   i   c   a


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