Palm Rants

Palm Rants is a series of performance/ rants I will create over the
course of the (re)distribution exhibition curated by Patrick Lichty.
The information will be delivered in 3 forms;

1. a short movie or audio file that may be downloaded onto a PDA and
viewed with TealMovie software.

2. a clickable image animation downloadable via an AvantGo custom

3. a text of the rant downloadable via an AvantGo custom channel.

The intention of this piece is to extend the idea of performance art
into the hand held format.
Accessors will receive a new performance every week for 16 weeks. The
content of these performances will be meditations on information
dispersal and the post media environment. I will approach this as both
an exercise and a challenge. The piece will be an extended performance
over a sixteen week period. The challenge is to stay fresh, to become
both an information nomad and an information filter. The subject of the
performances will be the work of art in a networked environment. The
subject of this piece will be the artist in a networked world. Here’s a
list of possible and realized rants.

EntertainMe - Entertain Me (first presented at the Warhol Hijack)
Who Pays ? Who’s Paying for This?
Big Cars Are Not Cool Anymore.
Who Turned Off The Lights and Air Conditioning! (California energy
My Food is Poisened.
Love Songs From My Computer. (synth voices put you in the mood)
Dot Com Today, Dot Gone Tommorow.
You Have Been Replaced by a Machine.
The First Ones On Me. The Second Ones On You.
Ever Feel That You Are Fooling Yourself.
What Will It Take?
The First Blackout.
Big Medicine Killed My Father.
Video Art Is Not The Next Big Thing. DUH
Buy and Sell and Buy and Sell and ....
And You Thought You Were Famous.
Several Ways to Brush Off Telemarketers.
The End Of America.

We live in an information environment in America. The question is
twofold; how truthful is the information we are given and whose point of
view does it represent? Do you really want to be told how to think?
This is big brother corporate style wrapped in an entertainment package.
The next level is the rebellion against all forms of information. It
goes beyond deconstruction. It sweetens the idea of total disbelief.
Believe what you see. Believe in yourself or better yet make it all up.

How to access the piece:

There are two ways to access the work.

If you have a Palm Pilot you can set up an avantGo account <>
Where it says create channels you add the url's for each new piece as they are announced.
After that when you HotSync your Palm to the internet the pieces will download into your avantGo page on your palm.

Here's the starting list:
I. Reach out and touch someone - <> (33k)
2. Entertain Me(text) - <> (8K)

For those of you with lots of ram;
Download the Teal Movie Player and then download one of the teal files onto you computer via a browser. On your next HotSync add TealMovie player and movie to your *Install handheld files*
on your Palm Desktop Pull Down Menu.

Here's the starting list:

(contains these files)
1. TealMovie Player (1.1mg)
2. EntertainMe (1.1mg)

Here's the Updated list and Palm Emulator