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Download the TealMovie Player and Teal Movies
TealMovie Player (1.1m)

EntertainMe (TealMovie 1.1m)
Love (songs from my computer) (TealAudio427k)
Who Pays ?(TealMovie 975K)
The End of America(TealMovie 975K)
Put these url's in your Avantgo custom channels

I. Reach out and touch someone(clickable animation)
(33k)set link depth to 2
2. Entertain Me(text) -
(8K) no links
3. Hello I Love You (clickable animation)
set link depth to 11 (1.1mg)
4. Who Pays? Who's Paying For This !!! -
(8K) no links
5. The End Of America
(8K) no links

Kit to Put Palm Emulator on Your Desktop
Download Palm Emulator and misc. rom files for emulator