George Summerland's Night


"In a manner of speaking, we did, yes." Beale pours himself another brandy.
"The mine is no use to anyone unless he knows where the quartzite ledge reappears." Beale goes back to his main subject.
"When is the next
train?" George inquires.
Beale pulls the threat card.
"You can get the southbound early tomorrow, two-thirty in the morning. But we had hoped you would travel out with us today after we dine," Beale says as a prelude.
"Where? To the mine?"
"No, Walker's places. You were with him. The star here that would be in
Jackrabbit Canyon, for example. You know the landmarks. Here, Bear Valley. You have been there?"
Beale has the right spot, La Liebre, the Rancho of the Rabbit. But to find the one, split rock ledge in a hundred clefts of hill....
Vineyard comes back in, accompanied by La Reina with a tray of food.
"Our most beautiful La Reina!" Beale exclaims. Then he sits, begins to eat, and goes back on point: "Did you search there?"
"We never found anything in that
canyon," George mumbles.


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