George Summerland's Night


In the dim light of La Reina's parlor, Beale is delighted to find George Summerland so cooperative.
George draws a likeness of the star map that he'd seen Walker use for rough navigation.
Vineyard is impatient. He has heard about this star abracadabra before--and having another drawing doesn't help. George Summerland, he thinks, has no new information. He lights a cigar for himself and paces out to the hall to look for La Reina.
Beale is patient.
"Have you thought about the time of year?" Beale places a solid gold compass on the spot.
George turns the map 180 degrees to the right. "If it's the Spring Dipper, then near the top of the handle, the star, Alcor, should represent the mine."
"Is that so?" Beale says. "And the other stars?"
George looks at him for a long moment and then shrugs. "You called me here. You wanted to see the map."
Beale opts for some self-revelation. "Ah, We have heard that the vein reasserts itself elsewhere along one of the fault lines. Your help...."
"So where is Christian Beveridge? And those others,
Lugo? Quicksilver?"
"Christian is dead--a dispute over the mine ownership."
you wrote the letter?" George asks.


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