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how to see vrml For Netscape 3+, choose CosmoPlayer. 
For Internet Explorer - use CosmoPlayer or check out: 
microsoft's vrml site 
For Macs, try: 
Intervista's Worldview
general info The following is a partial survey of vrml tools.
For a complete listing of all things vrml see: 
The VRML Repository 
An excellent resource. 

how to make vrml All the tools to make complex vrml 2.0 worlds are now available. Its no longer a case where your only option is to hand edit!
Tools per platform:
sgi If you buy an O2, that sometimes comes with CosmoWorlds. Well, that's the best there is. Also the most expensive. You will need a more general purpose modeller like SoftImage, Alias.... 

pc Windows95 and NT 

vrml editors: 
V-Realm Builder by Ligos Technology. A great VRML 2.0 tool for PC. 
Has a graphical display of the scene heirachy - which means you can create and edit small, efficient models. 

You will also need a 3D modeller to make more complex shapes. The modeller with the best vrml exporter is 3D Studio Max by Kinetix, which exports vrml primitives, all kinds of interpolators (animation), as well as an optimize function for polygon reduction. 3D Studio Max is expensive and has a steep learning curve, and should only be bought by those willing to spend 6 months learning it. Most other 3d modellers can be used and imported into vrml using a translator. 3D modellers tend to produce large vrml files with long download times. 

text editors: 
A good text editor is SitePad produced by ModelWorks Software. Very useful if you are to add scripts and such. 

mac Waiting to hear if there is anything to create Vrml 2.0 for the Mac. There may be one tool available in February 1998. Please e-mail me if you find a way to do 2.0 on a mac..... otherwise I continue to think using a PC or O2 are the only options. 

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