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A deserted crossroads. A body in 15 pieces. A medical text book. A German spy. A boy stabs himself to death. A plan to cover the Amazon with golf courses. The anatomy of a drama.
Credits - alphabetical
Michael Crumpton
Nathan Fruin
Kristin Holcomb
Kirstin Kantner
Chris Spain
Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Duane Whitehurst
(Visual Artist)
(Visual Artist)
(Writer, Architect)
Gray's Anatomy
Pad++ Multiscale Interface
15 images from Gray's Anatomy form a patchwork body. Embedded within each image are a text from Henry Gray, Kirstin Kantner, Chris Spain, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin. Click on the image to the left to begin. A reading window and a navigation window will appear. In the navigation window, use the top to change body parts, and the caption below to change which text appears in the reading window. In the reading window, click on boxes () or arrows () to read another text by the same author (in a different body part).
GRAY MATTERS requires Netscape 3.0x and that you accept cookies. Be warned that 4.0 seems to have trouble with some of these files and that a number of them are rather large. Comments and questions should be directed to