Thank you, Chuck Grissom, for Karma Manager.

SIXTH AVENUE PASSES THROUGH TOWN. BAD ROLL OF THE DICE. INTERSECTION. BAD NEIGHBORHOOD. NOISE PEAKS, TRUCK PASSES. WIDE MIDWESTERN NIGHT. DOPPLER EFFECT. BELL CURVE OF LONELINESS. RAINY DAYS. JOLT TRAVELS. WARNING SIGNALS. DISTANT RUMBLE DING DING FLASH. LIGHTENING STRIKES. LIGHTENING ON THE TRACKS. GRID ON MILES. MILES OF NOTHING. 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This author wishes to thank Marlena Corcoran for writing Crossroads for ">Worst Case Scenarios. Crossroads is a poignant and terse narrative allowing for an archeological subtextual depth and range.

Further thanks to Chuck Grissom for Karma Manager.

Colored texts lead to talker enabled renderings.

-sphinx 1996