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CONCEPT: Present the flux of digital culture
in the networked environment of the Internet
as a two month exhibition at the List
Visual Arts Center at MIT.

A casual record of the creation of the exhibition.

October 1996
Phase 1 and 2. Acceptance of proposal, planning, white model begun.

November 1996
Phase 2 and 3. Set up listserv and invite participation.

December 1996
Phase 3, 4 and 5. Gallery site infrastructure planning completed, participant list finalized.

January 1997
Create the physical and virtual spaces. Open January 25th.

February 1997
The exhibition is up and running at the MIT List Center.

March 1997
The exhibition continues until March 29th.

April 1997
The PORT exhibition at the MIT List Center is closed and we will now concentrate on future exhibitions and projects for PORT.

Port Logo

a r t n e t w e b