Il Corso del Coltello

Knife Ship I, 1985. Prop from performance in Venice, Italy
of Il Corso del Coltello,
Wood covered with vinyl; steel;
aluminum; and motors; blades
vertical: 31 feet 8 inches x 31 feet 6 inches x 40 feet 5 inches
(9.66 x 9.60 x 12.32 m), including oars.
GFT (USA) Corp., New York

In collaboration with Coosje van Bruggen and architect Frank O. Gehry, Oldenburg presented a major performance in Venice, Italy, in 1985 called Il Corso del Coltello (The Course of the Knife) . The centerpiece of the performance was a giant kinetic sculpture, Knife Ship I, which was launched from Venice's centuries-old naval yard, the Arsenale. Oldenburg, van Bruggen, and Gehry performed in costume as, respectively, Dr. Coltello, a traveling souvenir salesman; Georgia Sandbag, George Sand reincarnated as an itinerant travel agent; and Frankie P. (for Palladio) Toronto, a barber from California.

Enlarged sculptural versions of these and other costumes from the performance are included in the exhibition.

Georgia Sandbag's belongings are wound into the large Houseball, which is installed on the floor of the main rotunda.

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