Who Pays? Who's Paying for This?
Whenever they say that they're trying to bait you.
You fall for it every time.
Sucker. Suckers always pay.
When they point at some group like artists and say,
do you want your tax dollars to pay for this, that's the bait.
Believe you me.
They're only trying to divert your attention away from a bigger swindle.
They switch your attention away from a government subsidy to some big business like say,
the oil industry by saying that degenerate artists are living off government grants.
One thing's for sure. You pay no matter what.
And here's the other secret.
They tell you who to hate and you do it. Hate them not us. They're the ones taking your money.
Hate the weakest parts of our society.
Try this one on for size. Hate your parents.
Hate your parents because they live off social security money that you have to pay.
So hate your parents.
Here's another secret. The government is now in the business of transferring wealth from the wage earners to the capitalists.
They will do it too. Why?
Because they can always shift the blame to poor people or the underclass or the immigrants or the liberals or the greens and you will believe them.