Pretinella's Journal


She seemed very sad. She said she hoped her parents could take care of her fatherless baby. Her husband had died suddenly and her livelihood was uncertain.
I said I was a widow, too, and told about John being gone with his grandfather and marrying Mr. Vernon and the baby to come and losing George in the train accident.
At this, she went so faint I thought she might have lost her husband in the wreck. But no, she said that her brother's partner, Raymond Quicksilver had been on the train, too. And she said "You are Mrs. Summerland?"
Then she told me she sat with George that awful night. She said he was very nervous, and anxious to get on the train. They talked about Christian and the gold.
Beale and Vineyard came after midnight to
escort George to the station. I asked her about an earthquake, and she said it rumbled all night long, that night. And the father of her baby was Christian Beveridge, but he never did marry her. She was afraid to go to her father, but there was no help for it.


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